Hi Everyone,

Here are the proofs from our shooting day out on the court. Anything is available for purchase, either as prints or different size (resolution) digital files, as well as a bundle that includes an 8x10 print + social media-sized digital file.

All have undergone a basic edit, but nothing is retouched yet. Once you select and purchase, I will retouch the image(s) at no charge.


Foothill Tennis 2023-2024-1Foothill Tennis 2023-2024-3Foothill Tennis 2023-2024-4Foothill Tennis 2023-2024-2Foothill Tennis 2023-2024-5Foothill Tennis 2023-2024-6Foothill Tennis 2023-2024-7Foothill Tennis 2023-2024-8Foothill Tennis 2023-2024-9Foothill Tennis 2023-2024-10Foothill Tennis 2023-2024-11Foothill Tennis 2023-2024-12Foothill Tennis 2023-2024-15Foothill Tennis 2023-2024-13Foothill Tennis 2023-2024-16Foothill Tennis 2023-2024-17Foothill Tennis 2023-2024-18Foothill Tennis 2023-2024-19Foothill Tennis 2023-2024-20Foothill Tennis 2023-2024-21