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Cougars Athletes & Families,

Game/meet/match photos will be placed into galleries like this one for everyone to enjoy.

Once you select some favorite photos, they can be purchased via a “Buy” button on the upper right side of the screen. If you only want an image for digital use (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) choose the “Social Media Size” digital downloads, which are free of charge for the Cougars’ family.

If you need larger digital files for applications like screensavers or digital photo frames, or if you just want to send the files to a local printing service of your choice, Medium size files work well for 4x6 prints, and large files for 8x10 prints. Note that all of the proceeds (around 90%) from digital file download sales will go directly back to the Coronado Athletic Program.

Finally, remember that a variety of other studio quality prints and products are available right here, through the professional photo lab that I’ve partnered with for this website…high quality photo prints from 4x6 up to nearly 3 feet long, canvas wraps in all sizes, and stunning aluminum or acrylic prints, with more options being added all the time.

Tennis vs Silverado 8-29-1Tennis vs Silverado 8-29-3Tennis vs Silverado 8-29-5Tennis vs Silverado 8-29-4Tennis vs Silverado 8-29-16Tennis vs Silverado 8-29-7Tennis vs Silverado 8-29-14Tennis vs Silverado 8-29-8Tennis vs Silverado 8-29-9Tennis vs Silverado 8-29-6Tennis vs Silverado 8-29-10Tennis vs Silverado 8-29-13Tennis vs Silverado 8-29-23Tennis vs Silverado 8-29-11Tennis vs Silverado 8-29-18Tennis vs Silverado 8-29-2Tennis vs Silverado 8-29-17Tennis vs Silverado 8-29-12Tennis vs Silverado 8-29-20Tennis vs Silverado 8-29-22