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OK, so here we go...this is a first run of proofs. Not much retouching...just some color, exposure balance, and cropping. Look through these and either (a) start picking your favorites, or (b) decide which ones won't make the cut. If in doubt, keep it, and you'll get another chance to decide once I've done some retouching. Just mark the keepers by clicking on the heart icon and I'll take care of the rest.

All that's important now are things like favorite smiles, expression, pose...anything else can be changed.


Brenden Cap & Gown-1Brenden Cap & Gown-2Brenden Cap & Gown-3Brenden Cap & Gown-4Fjelsted Fam-1Fjelsted Fam-2Brenden F. Finals-1Brenden F. Finals-2Brenden F. Finals-3Brenden F. Finals-4Brenden F. Finals-5Brenden F. Finals-6Brenden F. Finals-7Brenden F. Finals-8Brenden F. Finals-9Brenden F. Finals-10Brenden F. Finals-11Brenden F. Finals-12Brenden F. Finals-13Brenden F. Finals-14