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Hi Everyone, and thanks for hosting yesterday...we sure enjoyed coming out! This is where I'll post everything I got from the day (sorry we couldn't stay for the late events), which should be several hundred pictures over the next few days.

Please note that you can download these as digitals at no way of saying thanks for having us out. Prints, etc. can be ordered, but there is certainly no pressure there at all.

Enjoy the pics, and hope to see everyone soon!

Megan-1Alec-1Alec-2Alec-3Alec-4Alec-5Alec-6Alec-7Alec-8Anna-1Anna-2Anna-3Anna-4Anna-5Anna-6Ashton 14-1-1Ashton 14-1-2Ashton 14-1-3Ashton 14-1-4Ashton-7