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Hi Everyone

Thanks again for coming out, and I sure enjoyed getting some pics with you!

These have a medium-level retouch, meaning I didn't go after every stray hair (which, on black, is quite a thing) ;-)

If there's one you love, but would just like to fix a little something (anywhere), just let me know, and I'm sure we can take care of it...more than anything, I wanted to get these back to you in a timely manner.

Thanks again, and good luck on the SOY!

SNVLLS Headshots-2SNVLLS HeadshotsSNVLLS Headshots-3SNVLLS Headshots-4SNVLLS Headshots-5SNVLLS Headshots-6SNVLLS Headshots-7SNVLLS Headshots-9SNVLLS Headshots-10SNVLLS Headshots-11SNVLLS Headshots-12SNVLLS Headshots-13SNVLLS Headshots-14SNVLLS Headshots-15SNVLLS Headshots-16SNVLLS Headshots-18SNVLLS Headshots-19SNVLLS Headshots-20SNVLLS Headshots-21SNVLLS Headshots-23