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Various off-road shots, for SpeedVegas and client use, both digital and print.
6100 motion front quarter L-16100 motion jump front-1SpeedVegas Offroad-4aStarwood Jeep static rear L quarter low-1SpeedVegas Offroad-8SpeedVegas Offroad-216100 motion rear L quarter-1SpeedVegas Offroad-28Rally Car motion-1SpeedVegas Offroad-2SpeedVegas Offroad-3Starwood Jeep Weld static front L-1SpeedVegas Offroad-5Vegas Rally motion L side high-1SpeedVegas Offroad-13aOverhead rally car and crew-1SpeedVegas Offroad-6SpeedVegas Offroad-10SpeedVegas Offroad-14Truggie motion jump R side-1