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Cougars Wrestlers

Sorry for the delay, but here's the gallery for your match vs. Foothill HS. As always, all of the proceeds go back to the Coronado Athletic Program and your team. Enjoy!

Wrestling vs. Foothill-120Wrestling vs. Foothill-1Wrestling vs. Foothill-2Wrestling vs. Foothill-3Wrestling vs. Foothill-4Wrestling vs. Foothill-5Wrestling vs. Foothill-6Wrestling vs. Foothill-7Wrestling vs. Foothill-8Wrestling vs. Foothill-9Wrestling vs. Foothill-10Wrestling vs. Foothill-11Wrestling vs. Foothill-12Wrestling vs. Foothill-13Wrestling vs. Foothill-14Wrestling vs. Foothill-15Wrestling vs. Foothill-16Wrestling vs. Foothill-17Wrestling vs. Foothill-18Wrestling vs. Foothill-19