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A friend recently asked me, “what to do when your passionate weekend hobby starts to produce professional results?”.  It was something I’d already thought about quite a bit this year, as friends, parents, and athletes kept asking me when I would make a way for people to have access to more of my photo work.  Over the years, I’d walk away from a meet or game, select and post my favorites shots from a lot of photos, and the rest would sit on hard drives until I found time to send them on to everyone.  Even more often lately, I’d do a photo shoot for an athlete I might have coached as a kid, or a teammate of my own son, then promptly get asked if I would consider a session for someone else. 

Well...I suppose that time has come.  Sure, I’m not at the juncture in life to pack up and start shooting for Sports Illustrated or ESPN, but if I can make some images that would be worthy of either, and within the confines of my often-limited time...why not? 

I’ve never even remotely wanted to line up a bunch of people, cycle them past a plain background, coaxing each one to say “cheese”.  That’s nothing against volume photographers, as I respect anyone who gets to do this, and works hard to make a living.  I love to create, though—either within the boundaries of documenting a great football game, or by starting with the blank canvas of a sunset, a playing field or court, or even just a wall of lockers, and see what kind of cool pictures we can make.   

So that’s it, then.  Hopefully this site will provide a vehicle to better share game, meet, and match photos, as well as create some other avenues to do this thing I love, and share it with an even bigger audience.  Like my photography itself, I expect that the site will always be evolving, and I hope you enjoy it half as much as I’ve enjoyed getting to this day. 

See you on the sidelines, 




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